What to do before TAVR?

Your doctor will explain to you about the dos and don’ts in getting yourself prepared for the procedure. Take note carefully about it and, do not forget to get your queries clarified before taking up the TAVR as it may avoid any future problems beforehand

Discuss with the doctor whether you can exercise or not before taking up the procedure. Based on the severity of your aortic stenosis doctor would give an appropriate solution by suggesting some light exercises. Please adhere to it strictly, as strenuous activity can impose more pressure on your body leading to further complications in the heart. Don’t strain your body much both before and after the surgery and it is important to take enough rest for the betterment of the heart.

Let your doctor know about the list of medicines you are taking for various health issues. Discuss and find out which medication you should skip or avoid on the day of the procedure.

Before taking up TAVR, it is essential to go for an oral check-up as dental problems can result in the infection of the new valve. Consult a dentist and get your tooth cleaned up if there are any decays to avoid any side-effects.

Going through a TAVR is simple, but the recovery time varies for each patient and the doctor is the concerned person to decide about this. Handover your responsibilities like taking over home and find out who will accompany you in the hospital for a while as you will be engaged with the treatment. Make a plan on this before planning for the TAVR to keep yourself stress-free throughout and after the procedure.