What to do after TAVR?

Patients after TAVR experience incredible results when compared to the normal open-heart surgery. There are proven records stating the patients return to good health within 30 days with the effective functioning of the heart. The procedure is usually done in an ICU room or an operation theatre.


After TAVR, doctors shift the patients to the recovery room and give an update on your health condition to your family.


Patients are advised to take rest as suggested by the practitioner after which they are free to pursue their dreams and hobbies. They can live independently by taking care of themselves, which is a major advantage of this advanced procedure.

Know About Dr. S. Rao Mission

The mission of Doctor Ravinder Singh Rao is to provide quality cardiac healthcare to all the patients and also to offer advanced cardiac treatment to his patients with the safest outcome. Commitment to achieving perfection at work is the main aim of this hospital by setting high standards in treatment for aortic stenosis. The clinical unit holds a team of experienced doctors, specialized in TAVR treatment at reasonable cost. Treating patients with compassion and respect are some of the core values of the institute. Striving for excellence in service is the key mission that makes the hospital stand out from other competitors in delivering the best of health services. Integrity is the key value of the hospital which aims at delivering the right services at the right time by saving thousands of lives.

Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, MD, DM, RACC is an interventional structural cardiologist who expertises in TAVI, TMVR, MITRACLIP, VALVE in valve procedure, rotablator and complex angioplasty.

He specialises in interventional cardiology from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA and structural heart disease fellowship from washington university school of medicine, St. Louis, USA.

He has experience of doing the highest number of TAVI cases (more than 500) in India and South East Asia. He has performed complex TAVI cases live to teach other physicians.


Long-term vision of the hospital is to excel in the field of health care as the leading service provider and provide a comfortable work environment for doctors and the best place for patients to seek quality treatment. The goal of the hospital is to achieve high standards by listening to patients’ problems in a compassionate way and address them on priority with sheer dedication with a team of expert doctors specialized in TAVR. Setting a trademark for the most competent services in TAVR is the short-term vision of the hospital.


Our core values to sustain in the medical industry include integrity, respect for patients and doctors, treating patients without any discrimination, caring for them, and rewarding doctors who perform well to encourage them to do well for the growth of the hospital. Our foremost vision is to transform our dreams into reality by rendering friendly and prompt services to patients in saving many lives and to earn the trust of people on our band.This would make people choose us over other hospitals for the kind of hospitality given by our staff and that would motivate us big to climb up in the ladder of success in the incorporation of many new techniques like TAVR.