Is TAVI good for you?

TAVI is usually done only for patients in a critical stage and symptoms from aortic stenosis. It is a biological valve and functions well producing results better than the open heart surgery. The healing process is also faster in TAVR procedure. In a way, TAVR is the best possible treatment for patients suffering from this disease to ensure good health for the remaining period of their lifetime. TAVR is the lifeline for patients who have no other options to survive through this life-threatening disease called aortic stenosis.

Benefits of TAVR/TAVI

In the past, doctors may suggest going through open-heart surgery or surgical aortic valve replacement procedure (SAVR) to alleviate this tough disease called aortic stenosis. This procedure requires a small incision to be done in the chest or heart before the replacement valve is fixed. TAVR is a flexible operation, which involves inserting a replacement valve via a minor cut in the thigh blood vessels up to the heart. Once the replacement valve is fixed, it starts functioning by supplying blood to all the organs of the body. 

Due to the above reasons, TAVI is the most recommended surgery for aortic stenosis patients because it has proven effects of less chance for death, stroke, and revisit to hospital when compared to other surgeries. The surgery leaves minimal scar on the patient and keeps them pain free for the rest of their life.

TAVR- What to Expect Before, During, and After the Procedure


Any medical surgery can be threatening and embarrassing for patients at first, but it has to be gone through mandatorily to endure good health in the long-term.