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Valvular Heart Disease

Patients with aortic valve disease may have regurgitation and/or stenosis. Aortic valve regurgitation
is the inability of the leaflets to close properly, which allows blood to leak in a backward motion.
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Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao

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The mission of Doctor Ravinder Singh Rao is to provide quality cardiac healthcare to all the patients and also to offer advanced cardiac treatment to his patients with the safest outcome. Dr. Ravinder Singh Rao, MD, DM, RACC is an interventional structural cardiologist who expertises in TAVI, TMVR, MITRACLIP, VALVE in valve procedure, rotablator and complex angioplasty. He specialises in interventional cardiology from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA and structural heart disease fellowship from washington university school of medicine, St. Louis, USA.

When I came to Dr. Rao I was in a bad condition, he suggested TAVR and we went forward with it. Even on the day of operation my health got worse but I told Dr. Rao and his team to operate without thinking about the result, and they saved me. They are like God to me. I am really thankful to them for giving me a healthy life at this age.
Mr. Sitaram Sharma
I didn’t know that I had aortic stenosis. When I got checked the doctors told me that I had to get it operated soon. I came to Jaipur and met Dr. Rao. He made me understand the process of TAVR and convinced me for the operation. I was awake throughout the operation and still it was not bad. I was fine and the operation went well. This is all because of Dr. Rao and his team.
Mr. Vijay Kumar

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There are four main reasons for the development of this scary disease which include calcium build-up, rheumatic fever, birth defects, and radiation therapy.

  • The transfemoral method is the most adapted one that is usually done by making an incision in the leg.
  • The subclavian method is done via a cut in the shoulder.
  • The transapical method is done by making a cut in the chest between the ribs.
  • The transaortic method is done through a cut in the upper chest

TAVR is a successful treatment and almost 450000 people have survived through TAVR across the globe. Records state that the aftereffects of this surgery has received a positive response from patients with regard to improvements in health.

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